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Frequently Asked Questions...

  • What is a "burl?"
    •    A burl is an abnormal growth on a tree or it's roots. It's sort of like a tumor in a human, but a burl doesn't damage the tree or threaten it's life. What a burl DOES do is create some really beautiful grain patterns, sometimes "eyes", wild figure and varying colors from the wood's normal appearance. Burls are some of the most beautiful pieces of wood there are.


  • What is "spalting?"
    •     "Spalting" is caused by a vast array of stain, mold and decay fungi that are found naturally on the forest floor. When the temperature and humidity are right, spalting can cause many different and beautiful patterns in rotting wood. Once the wood is cut and dried, the fungi no longer grow and the spalting patterns are left to amaze and delight the woodwoorker.


  • Where is this wood from?
    •    Every pen I make is accompanied by an information card that will give you a LOT of information about the wood your pen is made from; where it grows naturally, what it's used for, it's characteristics, etc. These information cards also tell you how to take care of your pen so that it will last a very long time, how to change the refills, and what kind of refills to buy. In the "Woods" section, there are notations on the origin of the woods I have in stock. If you would like to request a pen made with wood from a certain place, in the U.S. or the entire world, that's easy! Just ask!


  • What is Ancient Kauri?
    •    Kauri (Agathis australis) is a species of tree native only to New Zealand. Kauri trees have been growing in New Zealand for millions and millions of years. Taken to the very brink of extinction by over cutting, the Kauri is now a protected and treasured part of New Zealand's heritage. My ancient Kauri wood was taken from a number of buried prehistoric forests on the North Island of New Zealand that grew more than 50,000 years ago. Buried under peat swamps by an unexplained act of nature before the onset of the last Ice Age, the trees were left lying just beneath the surface of the ground. Sealed from the air, these fallen trees rested in a perfectly balanced cocoon, and are preserved in perfect condition. Ancient "swamp or bog" Kauri is the oldest workable timber in the world.

    •    Extensive scientific testing and Radio Carbon Dating tests have been done by a multitude of organizations, which have proven beyond any doubt that these ancient Kauri forests are between 30,000 and 50,000 years old. My wood is certified at 45,000 years old by Radio Carbon Dating and comes with a certificate stating such.


  • What is Environ?
    •     Environ is an environmentally friendly material that is attractive and durable. Made of recycled newsprint and soybean by-products, Environ's unique pattern resembles natural stone.


  • What is TruStone?
    •     TruStone is made of pulverized semi-precious stone and natural pigments bound in resin.


  • What varieties of TruStone are available?
    •     At this time, TruStone is available in the following:
                         (mouseover for example image)

Lapis Lazuli
Kingman Turquoise
Leopard Jasper
Red Jasper
Bianco Nero Marble

Japanese Pink Coral
Emerald Web
Asian Web
White Web
Citrus Gold
Royal Flame

About My Pens....
  • Refill Instructions
Slimline Cross Refill. Pull the halves of the pen apart gently to unscrew the existing refill and insert new, slide pen halves back together.
Euro Cross Refill. Pull the halves of the pen apart gently to unscrew the existing refill and insert new, slide pen halves back together.
Cigar Parker Refill. Unscrew tip of pen, pull refill out & reinsert new.
Gentleman Parker Refill. Unscrew tip of pen, pull refill out & reinsert new.

All the pens you see here are unique, handmade fine writing instruments created by myself, Nancy Revelle, on the central coast of California from hand-selected exotic, imported or domestic woods. No two pens are exactly alike. I do not use patterns or "duplicators" whatsoever. Your finished, one-of-a-kind pen comes in a protective, velvety drawstring pouch with a detailed information card with instructions on the type and how to change the refill, how to care for your wood pen, and a page of interesting details on the wood from which it was made.

Making your pen is a precise procedure that may take several days to complete. I start with a solid block of wood which is then cut into appropriate sizes, carefully drilled through to accept the pen mechanisms, mounted on a Jet variable-speed lathe, and turned to exacting dimensions with style and flair. Then, your pen is perfected with my personal 20-step finishing technique until it shines brilliantly and the wood glows with its beauty. The finish is allowed to "rest" and the pen is then assembled with the mechanical parts and shipped out to your waiting hands.

You will notice that my pens are available in different hardware platings, including 10k gold, brushed or satin nickel, titanium and rhodium; a few of the available platings that I prefer to use. Titanium (alloy combined with 24k gold) and Rhodium (bright silver platinum alloy) are the most durable platings and should last a lifetime. Even the less expensive 10k gold and handsome nickel platings will last many, many years with proper care.

Speaking of "proper care," let's talk about that. Taking care of your new pen is as simple as with any fine piece of woodwork or furniture. Don't expose it to extremes of heat or cold, or get it wet. From time to time, use a very light application of any fine wood wax over the entire pen and buff with a clean, soft cloth. Your fine writing instrument will last a very long time and bring you much pleasure if you treat it well.

If you don't see a pen already made (and listed in the "Available" section) that you fancy, I will make one just for you! Look through the listing of in-stock wood in the "Woods" section, or tell me what you'd like! My suppliers get stock from around the world and in most cases, deliver within a few days. Alternatively, I will hand-craft your pen from your own special piece of wood. There are thousands of options; let's talk!